Die photographer of E. T. The extraterrestrial complications covid19

The list of deaths that have occurred because of the COVID-19 continues to grow. What is certain is that the virus does not discriminate, nor by age or health, as well as several people who have their offices on issues related to the seventh art have lost the battle against the symptoms of the disease. … Read more

The photographer, Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian accused of harassment

JULY 23 – News / People Written by: Carmen Pugliese The pop star has decided to take sides and to show his closeness to the victims of Marcus Hyde It’s called Marcus Hyde and on the social boasted 1 million followers. We use the past because now the account is suspended, but let’s take a … Read more

Ben Affleck asks Ana of Weapons that you recognize as a photographer in his latest pics from Instagram

The rumors of romance between Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck are slowly being confirmed. It all started when networks began to fill with images of the couple in different places, among them Cuba, the country of birth of the actress. Now, Affleck and Weapons have all been seen enjoying a nice vacation in Costa … Read more

Cardi B harassed by a photographer: he showed his penis during a photo shoot

Also Cardi B at the beginning of his career has been a sexual harassmentduring one shootingthe photographer he showed her the penis. The rapper has told the story during the program Untold Stories of Hip Hop: “I will never forget when I went to do a photo shoot for a magazine he said the photographer … Read more