Natti Natasha hit with the more spicy version of ‘No Pajamas’ hey, Raphy Pina shot!

There are no longer any doubts of the relationship that exists between the reggaetonera Natti Natasha and his representative Raphy Pina; but this video crossed the boundaries of what is possible. Did you just commit a folly for the fans? I can’t believe it! May 11, 2020 · 12:11 pm These last few weeks, the … Read more

Bad Bunny aviva rumors and hints that Natti Natasha and Rafael Pina are a couple, in their song “25/8”

“What is going on between Natti Natasha and Rafael Pina?” This question is constantly make the followers of the dominican republic and the well-known manáger, who for months have unleashed a wave of rumors suggest that between them they would have something more than a professional relationship and a friendship. For years working together and … Read more