New trailer for ‘Soul’, the next film from Pixar about the soul, personality, and dreams

The next summer hits theaters the new film from Pete Docter, the director of ‘upside down (Inside Out)’. It is titled ‘Soul’ and, as we have already seen in a first breakthrough, will once again take to the animation elements as complex as the soul. Discover a little more of their history in the new … Read more

‘Onward’ also gets one of the worst premieres of Pixar at the box office Spanish

‘Onward’, the new tape, original, Pixar, has not ended by pointing out all that should be. This new production of the acclaimed study of ‘Toy Story’ or ‘inside out (Inside Out)’ has been premiered at the global level with data very loosely, a pattern that has also been held in Spain. Premiered 368 in cinemas … Read more

The director of ‘Onward’ reveals the easter egg hidden in the film what’s new with Pixar, ‘Soul’

As usual from Pixar was launched on the big screen with ‘Toy Story (Toys)’, each film studio animated has hidden an easter egg announcing the next project that I had in the oven the company. Therefore, with each new premiere are many fans who begin to look for all the nods and easter eggs that … Read more

‘Onward’ gets one of the films weaker of Pixar at the box office in the united States

Pixar was returning to theaters this weekend with ‘Onward’, their first original film since the premiere of ‘Coco’ in 2017. However, this new proposal it has been very far from reaching the large numbers who used the study in its debut in the united States. Premiered at 4.310 cinemas, ‘Onward’ has only been able to … Read more

Critical, ‘Onward’ has all the magic of Pixar, although it may take a whole adventure to find it

This year we have a double serving of original from Pixar, which is a very good news after so many sequels. The first of these is ‘Onward’, the new Dan Scanlon (‘Monsters University’), a film that takes us to a fantasy world to, basically, leave it devoid of almost all magic. So we had a … Read more