What platform I subscribe? The alternatives beyond Netflix

Javier Romualdo Los Angeles (US), 16 apr (EFE).- On-demand television, “streaming”, tv series for the internet… there Are several ways of naming these platforms of entertainment, which have become the entertainment of choice for many during the confinement with Netflix as a leader, although there are alternatives to the giant. It is common among the … Read more

Quibi, a new platform for watching movies and short series in the cell

In times of quarantine world, the proposal of Quibi is very attractive, and comes to compete with the big market as Netflix and Amazon. It is a new streaming platform with series and movies up to 10 minutes in length designed for cellular phones, and are made by most tellers and interpreters of Hollywood directors. … Read more

The version of Zack Snyder on ‘Justice League’ would come out on a streaming platform

The version of Zack Snyder on ‘Justice League’ to become a simple legend to something that has generated uncertainty among the fans of the DCEU. But now, they again have hope, because it’s a rumor ensures that the Snyder Cut would go directly to the streaming format. All this movement began, they immediately see the … Read more

Netflix | Will Smith: “I Am legend”, “Suicide Squad” and all the movies acted by the actor who you can see in the platform

Netflix has in its catalog the most successful films of the cinema and the television. Without doubt, this list is the leads the renowned actor Will Smithwhom we can see in his best roles, thanks to the streaming platform. These are the movies of Will Smith that you can see during the quarantine, through Netflix: … Read more

Quibi launches its mobile platform with episodes “snack” of 10 minutes

In short journeys by public transport, waiting for a turn on a row or on a break of study… those are the moments you want to occupy the application, which also starts with the Latin content. VERTICAL FORMAT: SEE SERIES SUCH AS CHAT Despite the fact that the market begins to show signs of saturation … Read more