Mood Ring Britney Spears finally will be on all the streaming platforms

Mood Ring Britney Spears finally will be on all the streaming platforms “Mood Ring” of Britney Spears is getting a release on streaming this may 29, a subject that is part of a special edition of their album “Glory”, who recently filed a new cover at the request of the fans. Britney Spears has added … Read more

Six films controversial for viewing on different platforms – Cba24n

The cinema and provocation have an intimate relationship of long standing. From the original The Birth of a Nation (1915, D. W. Griffith), controversy since its postulates political and ideological questions relating to racism and support for the Ku Klux Klan, the seventh art, we delivery both as a title that revolutionizes audiences and critics, … Read more

The polmico video Anuel AA that is trending on the digital platforms. Mir!

Anuel AA it is one of the urban artists ms searched on the social networks, as it has millions of fans all over the world that follow their steps “da da”. Despite the fact that el cantante puertorriqueo it is how boring in your personal account of Instagram, because of that, it is complying with … Read more

The film industry needs a permit to premiere on digital platforms during the coronavirus

As it is currently the Law of the Cinema, a feature film must be exploited in the halls before getting to other display windows, and to do so, you must return any aid or grant that has been received. In addition, a film that is not at least one week in billboard shall not be … Read more

‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ is now available on digital platforms but without the deleted scenes

Despite the fact that Disney is delaying a multitude of movies because of the Coronavirus, the company seems to have begun to share some of their productions through their digital platforms. One of the lucky ones has been ‘Frozen 2’, who overtook three months of its premiere on Disney+ being released now on march 15, … Read more