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How to get Rayquaza’s Breaking Swipe attack

The players of Pokémon GOseem to be receiving the year well, as between the game it has launched an interesting list of activities and events, as well as the first community day of the year, keeping its players at a good pace. That is why now, we will share a …

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Guide to get more free Pokécoins

There are certain items in Pokémon GO which can be earned by completing a variety of different challenges, but for those that can’t, there’s an in-game currency that’s a little harder for trainers to come by. That’s right, we’re talking about PokéCoins, and since Trainers may not want to part …

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Fan creates cool Team Rocket fan art by hand

a fan of Pokemon has drawn a great fan art with Jessie Y James of Team Rocket. The franchise’s animated series introduced quite a few original characters, some of whom have appeared in the games. The Pokémon anime gave gamers a lot of faces to warm to that they might …

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