For the brave: Katy Perry gets into the world of policy, bluntly and from the social networks

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, more commonly known by its name art Katy Perry, is one of the women ms influential in the media due to a large number of followers and by the Carian, which is gan of his fans since his great leap to fame in 2008. At present, no doubt to show their social … Read more

Cardi B peeks their interest in venturing in the policy – Telemundo El Paso (48)

The rapper Cardi B surprised his followers by announcing that evaluates to jump into the political arena, a theme that he says it will soon give you more details. As pointed out in a tweet Belcalis Almanzar, dominican in origin and known in the world of show business as Cardi B, you will only need … Read more

Selena Gomez questions immigration policy of Donald Trump

The singer originally from Texas, said that Donald Trump, president of the united States, can improve the conditions of undocumented people Motivated to talk about a subject that is vibrating in its history, Selena Gomez ventured to question the immigration policy of Donald Trump, president of the united States, for she is convinced that the … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence: break from Hollywood to the marriage with Cooke Maroney and the policy

Jennifer Lawrence told because you decided to take a break from work, preferring to focus on the marriage with Cooke Maroney and on the policy. MESSAGE of BEATRICE PAGAN — 15/06/2019 Jennifer Lawrence he said break it is issued from the Hollywood-world, to focus marriage with Cooke Maroney and commitment in the field of politics.The … Read more

You WOE it violates Apple’s policy

Ascannio / Apple to block in the facial recognition of the App’s You REALLY. The Start-Up, it is a violation of the Software, the program for the development of the iPhone in this group. Apple locks down the App for the iPhone, the american company that You REALLY. Compared to TechCrunch, the manufacturer Cupertiono … Read more