Kim Kardashian poses in body yellow and leaves nothing to the imagination

The beautiful Kim Kardashian shared on social networks in your pack that looks a body yellow with the that left nothing to the imagination, and that only accompanied by a necklace of silver. The socialite looks spectacular body with a body yellow with smooth effect that it leaves nothing to the imagination, thus left to … Read more

So she poses for Myrka Dellanos on the beach, with the sun on your back

When the daughter of the former host of Univision is going to the beach, and its tanguitas paralyze Instagram. With Myrka everything, even their curves are different… Myrka Dellanos you prefer to be more poetic sensual when you upload images of her on the beach. Which presents itself as a large difference in relation to … Read more

Katy Perry poses with a few unusual shoes of pineapple of your own brand

Due to the preventive measures mandatory, Katy Perry is isolated in their home as most of the people around the world. However, their influence in the media transcends any physical barrier, and their networks reveal their new multi-faceted projects initiated pre-quarantine. One in particular caught our attention for his relationship with fashion: the promotion of … Read more

Kim Kardashian poses in tight costume to attract their followers

United States.- The corporate american Kim Kardashian win your fascinating charms to call the attention of their followers and to let you know an amazing news. Through their social network official, Kim pos from the beach with a adjusted to suit and I shared that very soon launch a collection of inspired clothing in the … Read more

PHOTO – VIDEO | female Fighter of the UFC poses with semitransparencias and blushes to his followers

In spite of the spectacular body that you have, Veronica Montes revealed that it is also a victim of the refrigerator during the quarantine period. With a series of images in which boasted your sensual anatomy with a small red bikini, also a businesswoman blew sensuality while strolling in the interior department. “I keep opening … Read more

Demi Lovato plays ping pong and poses of backs in tight athletic clothing

Demi Lovato has achieved a very good acceptance with its new line of sports apparel after its launch a few days ago, but also with their challenge to raise $125,000 with the deadline of 30 June, to donate the money to the doctors who treat people with COVID-19. As model of the garments, the singer … Read more

Kylie Jenner poses with a doll realistic of her mother, Kris Jenner

Loading the player… The family Kardashian has accustomed us to see all kinds of eccentricities. The latter has published Kylie Jenner with a few videos next to her mother. Until here, all normal. However, this is not Kris Jenner, but a perfect figure of hyper-realism of the matriarch. In the publication, her daughter kisses, hugs, … Read more