Photos of Selena Gomez showing off their cellulite and rolls with pride

The celebrity has inspired us to show us as we are with so much pride. Selena Gomez in addition to being a great singer, producer, actress, and designer, has given great lessons of acceptance and self-love on many occasions. The former girl Disney has become an inspiration to all women not just to overcome a … Read more

Cara Delevingne joins Puma to launch a collection of Pride

PUMA “PUMA with love”the new collection of Puma starring Cara Delevingne celebrating the month of the Pride LGBTQ+ account with 13 pieces vibrant colors and the rainbow that represents the community. Each of the pieces is designed to be used with pride. The collection is inspired by the passion of the model show love, hope … Read more

Reebok, Nike, Puma and more sneakers in honor of the Month Pride

June is the Month for Pride or Pride month LGTBIQ+and the sneakers are to celebrate, not left to wait, beautiful designs created to make you honor this month are waiting for you. Photo: Reebok Official Fashion has always been very linked to these types of movements advocating for the inclusion and the motto of ‘Love … Read more

Kate Spade NY launched a collection full of rainbow for the month of Pride

Designers are creating pieces from the most colorful and inspiring in honor of the Month of Pride, among them the company Kate Spade New York. Image capture web Kate Spade The brand celebrates the community LGBTQ + with a collection of capsules filled with a rainbow that includes bags, hoodies, earrings and more. The collection … Read more

Salma Hayek shared a photo where wears it with pride to your look with gray hair

By Tinseltown / Shutterstock As many people are in quarantine due to the COVID-19, the social networks were transformed into the escape and the perfect tool to pass the time. Even the Hollywood stars had to suspend their films, attendance at gala events, and personal projects to take care of your health and the health … Read more

Cara Delevingne and Puma launch collection for the month of Pride (and we all)

It is a fact that when you advertise any collaboration between Cara Delevingne and a clothing brand legendary, we will be the first in wanting everything. Delevingne collaborated with PUMA in a collection composed by 13 parts, call ‘From Puma With Love’, dedicated to the GAY and lesbian Pride Month this June. The collection is … Read more

Salma Hayek is not afraid to age; presumed their gray hairs with pride: PHOTOS

Salma Hayek gave a proof of the great maturity as a woman that has, as in the the entertainment world where several actresses and actors try to hide the passage of the age in its people, she boasts with pride their gray. The mexican actress posted a photo in Instagram that earned him the respect … Read more

Shakira is a graduate of a course of ancient philosophy, and generates a sense of pride among its followers | Video | Univision Chicago WGBO

Read transcript with 40 and in the south with 50. all wedding pa when? aureliano salgado tells us that is what is happening with the marriage plans of a famous that we had to cancel tthe pandemic. with shakira, aní, and jennifer ópez that he’s giving a lot of qé talk. shakira adeás do good … Read more