Go back to the music! The proof that Shakira is working on a new album

Shakira impressed last February the whole continent with his impressive performance in the “Super Bowl”, however, their fans have spent years making it an important petition and it seems that finally the has heard. The artist he has three years without releasing a studio album, the last he saw light was the one that goes … Read more

The proof that The Weeknd dedicated to Selena Gomez to her song ‘Save your tears’

Yes, we know that this is not the first time that The Weeknd writes a song for his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, with whom he had a short but intense romantic relationship, which began in January of 2017 and ended 10 months after. In April 2018, Abel Tesfaye (better known as The Weeknd) he released his … Read more

This seems to be the proof Nicki Minaj is fought with Rihanna

Recently fanned the rumors that assure that Nicki Minaj is fought with Rihanna, why? A negative reaction to the controversial rapper on his radio program (Queen Radio). During the transmission, the interpreter of ‘Satrships’ mentioned to some of the people that have insulted or have spoken out against it, among them Miley Cyrus (who recently … Read more

Salma Hayek and her brother are almost twins and this picture is the proof

Salma Hayek and her younger brother, Sami, are rarely seen together in public, but when they do, people immediately realize that you are family. The actress, 53 years old, honored his brother in the National Day of the Brother with a sweet tribute on the social networks. “Oh, today is the day of the brother … Read more

Rihanna is one of the women with the greatest fortune and proof that believing in yourself can lead you to success

Recently, Rihanna was named one of the people with the greatest fortune in the Uksince its value is estimated at 468 million pounds, according to information from the Sunday Times, who published the list of ‘The richest people in 2020’. Rihanna has managed to build an empire while maintaining their individuality The greater part of … Read more

Ana de Armas and Kate Beckinsale are proof that there is that a rethink of the rule of the age in the love

When we allow ourselves to be carried by the emotions and put it in neutral rationality, appear all the contradictions, biases and paradoxes that characterize the constantly changing our opinions. It is inevitable: we are human, and our brains they are super sensitive to all kinds of stimuli and circumstances. From there you select as … Read more

The celebration of Valentine’s day Kylie Jenner is further proof that he returned to with Travis Scott

Rumours increase, and now, Valentine’s day seems to confirm everything: Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are ready to give yourself a new opportunity. What began as a casual appointment in the past Oscar 2020, initiated new account of the ‘romance’ between the dads of Stormi Webster as now, the celebration of Valentine’s day Kylie Jenner … Read more

¡OMG! Does Natalia Barulich and Maluma came back? Watch here the irrefutable proof!

Maluma published an image on his Instagram, of course, so handsome as always, but guess who gave him like … Yes…. Natalia Barulich, his ex… could it Be that voliveron? April 27, 2020 · 08:37 hs Maluma published an image on his Instagram, of course, so handsome as always, but guess who gave him like … Read more

Pink and your child give positive proof of COVID-19: child is 3 years old

The american director Jake Kasdan, revealed that Jumanji 4; it will be the next installment of the saga that began in the ninth with Robin Williams in the head. Apparently Sony Pictures looks to be very profitable that Jumanji is still a franchise. The film is only in an initial development; prior to the closing … Read more

Charlotte Casiraghi was the first to wear the pants fashion and here’s the proof

Updated: 07/04/2020 11:17 From Charlotte Casiraghi to become a married woman almost a year ago, his presence at public events has been reduced considerably, and you have chosen each quote that came to the pat. Yes, if he decides to run in an event, in the company of her husband, Dimitri Rassam, or single, never … Read more