Denis Villeneuve compares the protagonist of ‘Dune’ with Michael Corleone

The director explains why this benchmark. The vision of Denis Villeneuve in the classic science fiction novel Duneinsurance , we will offer a story just as introspective in his characters, but with scales epic in their events, as it has done with other tapes as Hitman, The arrival or Blade Runner 2049. But speaking of … Read more

A protagonist of ‘Euphoria’ and Rihanna united for the lingerie | Today

It is worth that Rihanna not yet has given us the album that we all should be, but the collections of clothes, lingerie and makeup that has been launched in the past few months have not left indifferent anybody. Each time there are more people who fall tired/as to the uniqueness of their products… even … Read more

Hercules: Fans suggest the “cast” ideal ” for the live-action and ask for Tom Holland as protagonist

Disney is backing strong to continue converting its classic animated versions to live-action. Just last year he premiered Dumbo – 47%, Aladdin – 70%, The lion king – 40%, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil – 40% on the big screen and lady and The tramp – 67% on Disney Plus. The most recent news suggests that … Read more

Imagine the protagonist of ‘The Witcher’ as Angemon and the result is the height of what we expected

The franchise Digimon is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a new and improved version of Digimon Adventure, a series that promises much and that will be the delight of their fans. Who knows if, in the future, we may see a version live-action of Digimon Adventures. If so, sure that we would see something similar … Read more

Natalía Barulích what the protagonist indirectly, of the new single by Maluma?

Juan Luis Londoño Arias, better known artistically as Maluma, has been in the crosshairs of his followers since he announced the release of his new single #ADMV, which means love of my life. It is worth mentioning that the song was going to be released this Friday, but decided to move it forwards. Also read: … Read more

And what about the protagonist? Reveal new details of the production of ‘Moon Knight’ in Disney+

The group of series that Marvel Studios revealed that it would take place in the D23 is the least information we have for the moment. In large part this is due to the coronavirus keeps all of the productions for film and television and paused to contain the rapid spread. Of course, this does not … Read more

The reboot of Doogie Howser will have a woman as the protagonist

Disney still committed to the nostalgia through its streaming service Disney+ and hopes to bring some series of yesteryear that kept us glued to the sofa of our childhood as Patoaventuras or Partners and Bloodhounds. Yes, imprinting them with a slight touch of novelty. And in this sense, the reboot of Doogie Howser it is … Read more