Fortnite will be one of the games of launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X

The sensations with Fortnite are disparate. Not long ago, #RIPFortnite became trending because people was not happy with the situation of the game. However, at the same time have reached its highest peak of players in the last few months, so it seems that the community is not at all happy but still playing, specially … Read more

PS5: the joystick DualSense is a boom in Instagram and you will rub elbows with an egg and with Jennifer Aniston

Last week Sony presented at society to DualSensethe joystick that will come with the console PlayStation 5. Such as we have in TN Tecno, the remote control has several changes from the DualShock 4 of PS4, a generation jump that allows us to imagine how it’ll look PS5, of which we already know some specs … Read more

Video: No-3 by 2020 – then it’s not this type of game, PS5, Xbox, Series, or Nintendo to Change it to Pro? • Nintendo’s Turn

The start of the Game in the year 2020, in a way that breaks it is simple: The E3 do not have a place (we reported). But what does that mean for the Rest of the year? It will be in the game in 2020, or benefitted at all from the E3? And the PlayStation … Read more

Grand theft auto 6: THE ad for the PS5 and Xbox, the Series, and the X is a little ahead

For several months now, rumors of the still unannounced “GTA 6” on the Rockstar Games re-appear again and again. The alleged Leaks and Insider reports have revealed, among other things, one of the first Details about the game’s world. While the Game engages you in Silence, apparently, there is some evidence that points to an … Read more

Sony’s silence on the PS5 and Microsoft and the Xbox Series, X plays on the card

Around the time of Christmas will bring this year, both Microsoft and Sony new consoles. Watch Series, the X-man that has received a lot of official information, for and Playstation of 5, however, it became silent. The Sony is not able to reveal the complete console, it says it on the PS5 site. The sure … Read more

PS5 and Xbox Series, the X-displacement due to the Covid-19) can hardly be avoided

On the topic of Coronaviruses are not getting rid of it allows you to, for there is hardly an area of life that is not affected. It is almost impossible to avoid, that hit the global economy hard, especially in the IT industry. And also, the Next-Generation of consoles is likely to be affected. Covid-as … Read more

The data for the PS5 to show up at Gamestop

03.03.2020 14:21 PM the Claus Ludewig – For a short period of time, the information about the upcoming console, the Playstation 5 is shown with the retailer, Gamestop. The web site is on of the advertised Features. This is about the AMD Chip, with the Zen-and-2-the CPU and the GPU to allow ray tracing to … Read more