This srum pharmacy that puts you glowing skin and beautiful is the favorite of Hailey Baldwin, Sienna Miller and Jessica Chastain

It is not cheap but who do not test, can not live without l and is sold in the pharmacy Updated 20/04/2020 12:03 We ask ourselves, why do actresses and models want to show off beautiful skin and healthy at all times. And the answer est plus a lot of pampering dermatolgicos and estheticians who … Read more

Disney puts the premiere of Mulan on the 24th of July to return to the big movie theaters

The film production company world’s largest has updated its calendar of releases while a good part of the planet is still and secluded in their homes. Disney presents a great return to the rooms with their renewed version Mulan for the 24th of July, and announces new dates dates, noting that Black widow will be … Read more

What does it do? Natalia Barulích puts at risk its reputation by… oh MY GOD!

Natalia Barulích continues to generate a myriad of emotions in the social networks by the multitude of images out of a series that shares day after day. Not for nothing, the successful model managed to conquer the heart of Maluma, and now the all the users. Related News The well-known brunette boasts with great pride … Read more

Coronavirus | Anna Wintour and Julia Roberts to Nicole Neumann and Santiago Artemis: fashion puts on the barbjo

When the coronavirus was installed in our country, for quite some time it was said that the use of the chinstrap was relegated to the staff of the health and those who are with a cough or a cold. However, use and the of the face mask is becoming more and more strong day to … Read more

It’s very painful! The confession of Lady Gaga that puts on alert to the world… it’s HEARTBREAKING!

Fibromyalgia is a disease of unknown origin that causes pain and fatigue, standing at a muscular level, Lady Gaga suffering from the disease. Many do not know that the singer it takes several years to suffer from this condition, of which there is no known cure accurate, but it is believed that it has a … Read more

Confirmed: HBO puts their shows for free also in Latin America

More good news among so much chaos! Some days ago it was confirmed that HBO will be available to the public in the united States more than 500 hours of series and movies all completely free. Consumers of the channel in Latin america were hoping for a similar resolution to their territories, and only until … Read more