Scarlett Johansson puts in her place to the interviewers after being approached with questions sexist

Despite his obvious talent, to be nominated for an Oscar twice and have decades of experience in the industry, the actress Scarlett Johansson has been the object of an endless number of questions to be gender-neutral. During the press tours with their male counterparts of “The Avengers”, has had to endure a treatment different from … Read more

Kate Beckinsale has the best response to the questions about Pete Davidson

WireImage; Getty Images for InStyle Kate Beckinsale is the queen of sarcasm, ohhh yes. The star of Underworld showed his ability when he responded to the comment from someone in Instagram about Pete Davidson. Beckinsale published a photo in front of a portrait of 1978, the lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury. “Trying to look … Read more

Tom Holland makes test questions on Marvel from home (+video)

The actor Tom Holland, organized a “proof of pub” virtual with their followers Instagram with questions about the universe film Marvel that he put together more than 180 thousand people. This live broadcast was made from the inside of your home and with the intention of raising funds for the charity of his family The … Read more

“Why support Biden?”: Cardi B questions to Bernie Sanders in an exchange in social networks | Shows Despierta America

Read transcript satcha: the also ex vice-president says that he wants to win the candidacy for í same. the support of the candidate african american reforzaía the aspirations of joe biden. have to listen to also the following satchaéste is the exchange that support bernie sanders and cardy d to purpose of the support of … Read more

Selena Gomez questions immigration policy of Donald Trump

The singer originally from Texas, said that Donald Trump, president of the united States, can improve the conditions of undocumented people Motivated to talk about a subject that is vibrating in its history, Selena Gomez ventured to question the immigration policy of Donald Trump, president of the united States, for she is convinced that the … Read more

“Have separated”. Rafa Nadal prohibited questions. “There is divorce”. Last time

12 of march 2020 (21:53 CET) Rafa Nadal he returned to Spain after a trip to australian soil with his family, and that the ATP has decided that there is not more tennis indefinitely because of the pandemic of the Coronavirus that is plaguing the global landscape. These days family has been able to see … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe tries to answer one of the questions most mythical of ‘Harry Potter’

‘Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone’ premiered 19 years ago and opened the way for the cinematic landscape to the literary saga of the young wizard. Eight films later, the franchise of ‘Harry Potter’ is by far one of the most followed on the planetwith thousands of fans around the world. Their doubts and theories … Read more

TOP 7 questions to the gynecologist, on which women are afraid to ask the doctor

Each girl visits the gynecologist annually to check your health. But even in the doctor’s office, many are hesitant to ask questions that plagued them for years. In this article we will give answers to them. Whether the child is similar to the first sexual partner? Is it possible to shave the hair in the … Read more