Survive: The film of Quibi with Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones

Sophie Turner. Quibi I have to start by clarifying that I do not believe to be the target audience Quibi. The new streaming platform is intended for an audience (quite younger than me) that consume audiovisual content primarily on their mobile phones and rations short. Quibi, which was launched this April 6, offers movies in … Read more

How to view Quibi in Spanish

Quibi premiered on April 6 in the united States. Quibi Quibi, the new platform by streaming, came to the united States on April 6 with 50 programs distributed in its three content categories: Movies, No scripts and Documentaries, in addition to the Daily Essentials. Unlike other services, the series and films of Quibi offered in … Read more

Quibi is already available in Spain: short Series streaming to watch in mobile

Are we able to include more streaming platforms? The market increasingly crowded video-on-demand has a new competitor, although in this case it would be rather, the little brother of the generation Z. Quibi it has already been released by surprise on our country. And offers something quite different to the others. The platform is designed … Read more