Lionel Messi is joined in the blackout of the networks to condemn the murder of George Floyd and racial violence

Lionel Messi joined the BlackOutTuesdaythe initiative to “turn off” social networks throughout the day in repudiation of the murder of George Floyd and against racial violence in the United States. Messi joined as well to the various figures of the whole world who supported the move as Susan Sarandon, Sacha Baron Cohen, Octavia Spencer, Jake … Read more

Karol G admitted being wrong with his tweet about the racial situation in the united States

Hello Karol G is in the eye of the hurricane because of his controversial tweet in which he used his puppy, black and white to refer to the racial problem facing America these days. The afro-descendent community in Colombia, in head of Goyo, lead singer of Choquitown, strongly criticized this analogy. However, the singer of … Read more