Rafaella, the daughter of Marbelle, radically changed the ‘look’

During the quarantine period various artists and celebrities have taken advantage of the time at home for a change of look. Even, some have tried with different cuts and even colors. View this post on Instagram A post shared by RAFAELLA ⭐️ (@rafaellamusik) Rafaella Chavez, the daughter of Marbelle, has always been characterized by change … Read more

Britney Spears lit up the social networks with a cover radically different to “Glory”

Out of boredom, pandemic, nostalgia -or a little of each-the fans of some of the major divas of pop have been fun lately launching campaigns on social media to recognize the albums least respected of their favorite artists. It was in the case of Mariah Carey, Madonna, and more recently, Britney Spears. At the beginning … Read more

James Charles has radically changed their look, now it is blonde

James Charles just do something amazing. Recently, the youtuber warned his fans that would be something surprise for your next video and everything seems to indicate that it is a matter related to your new look, which in the beginning had complained. Lol! Things went out of level when James Charles tweetió on the night … Read more

Virtual Reality has a Half-Life in a “radically new environment”

In a new Video from Valve, the developers talk about Virtual Reality, Half-Life: Source, and, as the player will experience a new form of the Half-Life for the preparation. In a one-IGN-Video-developer, Robin Walker, and a level designer Corey Peters, comments on the early sections of the game. Input areas are to be designed, the … Read more