His wax figure in Berlin cause teasing and we will explain to you the reason

A new figure from Madame Tussard has come back to scare visitors. This time has been due to a peculiar wax figure of the artist Nicki Minaj that has generated laughter, controversy and ridicule in equal parts. The premiere of the figure in the museum that the franchise has in the German city of Berlin … Read more

Liam Hemsworth, again in the mind of Miley Cyrus and this is the reason

The singer Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth they shared a relationship that remained close for 10 years, which led them to pass by the altar in the past 2018. However, to the surprise of their millions of followers, in August of last year, 2019, putting an end to their relationship. In spite of thisthe singer … Read more

The reason that James Charles shared the private conversations he had with some celebrities

James Charles is ready to resume his career as one of the gurus of makeup and influencers most prominent. Then the scandal that lived a few months ago and that cost him millions of followers, Charles has resumed his routine in social networks, mainly on YouTube. On the occasion of the promotion of their new … Read more

The reason why Lady Gaga makes sure that she saw “to jesus Christ during a week”

The fight with ourselves, trying to get out of vices that have adverse health effects cannot be truly complicated. The will is the first step, but once the decision is taken, the early stages of abstinence are particularly harsh. The number of smokers who returned to get hooked on tobacco after having succeeded in quitting … Read more

Ariana Grande doesn’t want to consider ‘DIVA’ for this reason

Everything points to the interpreter ‘7 Rings’ do not plan to accept or re to tolerate some refer to it as a ‘diva’ just because, like many other artists of the time, usually don’t have qualms to express their impressions and their view of the world with some security and confidence during their public appearances. … Read more

Jennifer Aniston said romance with fellow Friends and it could be the real reason for her divorce: PHOTO

Much has been spoken about the infidelity of Brad Pitt to Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie when they were still married, however, recently came to light in a photograph that could leave in question the “fidelity” the protagonist of Friends to her then-husband. And is that on Instagram shared a photo very demanding in that … Read more

Becky G will not release their collaboration with Omar Montes for this reason

The star recorded a while ago a topic with the singer Omar Montes, a prominent exponent of the trap in Spain May 15, 2020 · 22:38 hs The american singer of hispanic origin, Becky G, has returned to the news this week and not for their evocative photographs, so frequent in their social networks, but … Read more