Do you regret? Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) is sincere about his ordeal in ‘The Hunger Games’

The phenomenon of ‘The Hunger Games‘changed the lives of its actors forever. The film adaptation of the books by Suzanne Collins marked a whole generation and continue to have an army of fans, as demonstrated by the stir by its prequel, ‘Ballad of songbirds, and snakes’. However, the experience also had to be overwhelming for … Read more

Justin Bieber has a great regret after getting married with Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber be honest with her fans, the singer talked about the things of which he repents, and the impact of Hailey Baldwin in your life. During the quarantine period the couple has been very active in the social networkstheir updates have accompanied hundreds of people in confinement, social, Justin and Hailey constantly share their … Read more

Athletes who are more appreciated and they regret the postponement of the Olympic Games

The postponement of the Olympic Games Tokyo for the summer of 2021 was a news story that is unanimously applauded by the international sports community. In the current context, with the pandemic of the coronavirus causing thousands of deaths daily, it was unfeasible to carry out the main athletic competition on the planet. However, the … Read more