Mariah Carey remains as the megadiva of pop his 50 years

The american singer, Mariah Carey, which marked a time of pop vocal next to Whitney Houston and became the artist female best-selling in the 90’s, meets this Friday, 27 march 2020 50 years converted into the megadiva international. Born in the midst of a family multiculturalfather with ancestry venezuelan and mother irish, Carey not had … Read more

The filming of ‘Spider Man 3’ with Tom Holland remains (for the moment) for this summer – movie News

Spider-Man returns on the 16th of July 2021 to theaters in a film that will form part of the UCM. The Phase 4 of Marvel Studios will begin finally on the 30th of October in Spain with the premiere of Black Widowthe tape is solo of Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson). But it is not the … Read more

I have not stopped! A series of the MCU remains in production despite the pandemic

The recent pandemic of the coronavirus has stopped production of all the series and films of Hollywood, putting in serious trouble to multiple productions, such is the case of Marvel Studios we even had to go to their premieres, but despite this, the series ‘What If…?’ is still in production. During the San Diego Comic-Con … Read more

It alarming! Odalys Ramírez, of Televisa remains in quarantine for coronavirus

It alarming! Odalys Ramírez, of Televisa remains in quarantine for coronavirus Odalys Ramirez lto famous conductor of Televisa, shocked his followers on Instagram to give out a delicate time in your family, as the presenter revealed on your social networks that your doctor told you to do quarantine for the disease coronavirus. Odalys Ramírez started … Read more

Critical, The second season of ‘Just before Christ’ improvement, but it still remains untapped

I think that ‘Just before Christ’ is one of those series aimed at a specific audience, in the sense that, although they are addressed of course to all the spectators, they just tend to appeal to those lovers of silly humor. This series is a perfect mix between this kind of humor, and black humor … Read more

Command & Conquer Remains: “In the C&C will also include the error for the harvester”

Electronic Arts has announced that Command & Conquer Collection, re-mastered in the 5th. 2020-to appear. A real-time strategy games, coming out with revised graphics on the market, including support for 4K resolution. The Soundtrack, featuring more than seven hours from the time of the game it’s remixed by the original composer, Frank Klepacki the new … Read more