Announce remake of The Other

The successful horror film starring Nicole Kidman you will have a new version that seeks to modernize the story and enchant new generations. Almost a decade of the premiere of “The Other” (2001), it was announced that Sentient Entertainment acquired the rights to the film to make a remake. In this way, the production which … Read more

The producer of ‘The Pit’ negotiates a sequel or a remake with Netflix

‘The Hole’ has become the ultimate success of international Netflix, becoming the movie most watched in united States, Spain and dozens of other countries. The tape Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia was released in theaters spaniards on the 8th November and raised nearly 220,000 euros. Now available in more than 190 countries streaming. ‘The Platform’ is, as it … Read more

Criticism, ‘The lady and the tramp’: The remake of Disney+ is visually captivating but fails to recreate the magic of the original

When asked about the most iconic within the canon of Disney, some would suggest the scene in which the rags of Cinderella turn into a magnificent ball gown blue or when Beauty and the Beast dance the waltz for the ballroom while a love ballad rises triumphantly in the background. Others would say, we are … Read more

‘West Side Story’: New and colorful images of the remake with Ansel Elgort and Rachel Zegler

In October, 2019, the remake of ‘West Side Story’ ended its filming and the new classic musical has planned to reach cinemas on 18 December 2020. This version is starring Ansel Elgort, and Rachel Zegler as the couple of Tony and Maria. ‘West Side Story’ account of a romance to Romeo and Juliet in the … Read more

The daughter of Milla Jovovich will be the Black Widow of young and Wendy in the new remake of ‘Peter Pan’ Disney

With just 12 years, Ever Gabo Anderson has managed to secure one of the roles most coveted of all Disney. According to People, the eldest daughter of Milla Jovovich, has got to be the one who play Wendy in the new live action film that prepares Disney over ‘Peter Pan’. The animated film of 1953 … Read more

Another Final Fantasy 7 Remake in the last 20 years? The developer can possibly imagine

There will be a 10-to 20-years old, the other a Remake of Final Fantasy 7? In the first part of the Final Fantasy 7 remake has not yet been published, and the sequel is so far away from you, just a little, it is well-known, such as the Producer, Yoshinori Kitase, commented: “in an Interview … Read more

Angelina Jolie is still at work on the remake of Bride of Frankenstein

Angelina Jolie and the Universal the work on the remake would be even Bride of Frankenstein. The film, whose editing has begun 2015he has never seen the light, and it was already deleted. Amy Pascal and John Krasinskito which the Director , are exploring many of the roads, and it seems that soon you will … Read more