Record of New Orleans pays the rent of June to hundreds of tenants

Despite the fact that as we have been able to check lately, the world of art and music in particular are not taken too much into account, since these areas have not ceased to arise solidarity initiatives during this confinement, demonstrating that for this part there has always been a great concern for the well-being … Read more

81% of the rosario paid the rent of the dwelling and went up the nonperforming loans in retail |

The level of compliance in the payment of rent to the 15th of April was 81% in Rosario. That is to say that the level of delinquency in the item family housing stood at 19%in the context of the economic crisis for the health emergency. This emerges from a report by the Association of real … Read more

According to Conrad, and the Media: the Case of the Aldi-Talk Smartphone-for rent

Smartphone, to rent rather than buy. This is now the site of Aldi’s Talking about. Nine different Smartphones on the Aldi Talk web site is currently available for rent. All of the equipment that can be rented for various periods of time. The job market about dueren Hoff GmbH, Münster, Germany At InnoGames GmbH (Hamburg, … Read more