Jake Gyllenhaal shares the hilarious response of Hugh Jackman to the challenge of stop the hands of Tom Holland

It was a moment that went viral almost as fast as it was sold out. Tom Holland challenged Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds to make the challenge of stopping of hands and it became a thing, but he created at least one memorable response. Jake really took up the challenge, impressing everyone, but it was … Read more

Travis Scott worried about Stormi and Kylie Jenner response to the pandemic

With the COVID-19 around the world, it is not surprising that countries have begun to take measures of prevention and control are increasingly stringent. The same thing happens with people who have seen how he gradually increases the number of detected cases around. No one is spared from this situationeven the productions in Hollywood have … Read more

The response of Kourtney Kardashian speculation about having another baby impacted at all

How Kourtney Kardashian is expecting another child? This Friday, Kourtney posted a picture that sparked a great conversation, and is that when you look at the body of the star Keeping Up With the Kardashianssome thought that she might be pregnant. After seeing an exchange of comments between fans, the creator of POOSH were encouraged … Read more

Miguel Bosé, “amazed” with the response to your challenge is more personal in networks

EFE • 22 Apr 2020 – 08:26 AM Tomorrow marks one month of the death of the actress Lucia Bosé, and his son Miguel Bosé, is still paying homage to the woman who gave him life and now longs for. The singer, who is in Mexico, where she lives since several years ago with their … Read more

Kylie Jenner and forceful response to those who criticized her figure

3/6 The publication won more than 126 thousand ‘I like’, as well as several compliments the character of the famous, who appeared greeting his fans with the simplicity which so much distinguishes it. However, in this photo also you could see several comments that they said “Wow, she looked so thin,” and yet another mentioned … Read more

Francis insists to attribute the pandemic to a ‘response’ from Nature to the action of man

by Carlos Esteban | 09 April, 2020 In the recent interview online by Pope Francis to his biographer, Austen Ivereigh and reproduced by The Tablet and the Commonwealth, His Holiness has returned to point out that you do not see both the hand of God in this pandemic as a “response” from nature to the … Read more

The Foundation for the Children of the UEFA supports the Background Response of the Common Goal COVID-19 | About the UEFA

The Foundation for the Children of the UEFA has announced its plans to contribute to the Response Fund, the Common Goal COVID-19, stressing the solidarity of football with the world’s poorest communities in dealing with the devastating impact of the pandemic coronavirus. The Foundation, which sponsors dozens of humanitarian and development projects all over the … Read more

The great transformation of Kelly Clarkson and his response to those who call him fat

The singer Kelly Clarkson, who has been in the news for the trasnformación physics that has suffered over the last few years, has responded to those that meddle with your weight gain. The singer, songwriter and american actress, winner of the first generation of “American Idol”, he has explained how he feels after that viralizaran … Read more

A shareholder of Disney complained of the contents of LGBT. This was the response of president

On the 25th of February ended an era in Disney. The ceo of the company during the past 15 years, Bob Iger, he ceded his post to Bob Chapek, who has already taken the reins. During an annual meeting with shareholders of the company, Chapek did not hesitate to refute one of the attendees when … Read more