Cardi B revel a trick of beauty that I learned during the quarantine

Besides being the da locked up at home, famous as Cardi B also had to get used to grooming on their own account during the quarantine period. The american singer always she looks very cute in presentations and interviews that granted, so that you have worked hard to put aside that aspect. Related News However, … Read more

Seen and do not believe: Rosala revel a secret from childhood that links it to Shakira

The singer Rosala dej pleasantly surprised at all their fanticos then to demonstrate, with much humility and respect, that can sing themes from several of his colleagues musicians, among them Shakira. In a promotional video for a renowned international magazine that chose him as the cover model, the interpreter With height vivi is a game … Read more

The chef of Jennifer Lpez revel details about your diet and the two things that don’t support eating

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UNFORGIVABLE: Salma Hayek revel some requests that made it in Hollywood to be able to act

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Kourtney Kardashian quebr and revel the longing that ms sad: I wish you much

Kourtney Kardashian us their social networks to post a photo that, in principle, seemed a ms of many. However, the comments of the followers of the meditica entrepreneur did that open up and finish revealing one of his greatest desires. Related News It all started when Kourtney public a photo wearing a dress where pruning … Read more