“The Beatles are better than the Rolling Stones” and “Gilmour is believed to own Pink Floyd”: the rock classics they revive their outstanding accounts in quarantine

To lack of gigs, the planet of music continues to rotate at the point of the new releases but also on the basis of the file and the memory. Exposed to the running of the bulls and the inevitable self-review, the world seeks comfort in the immediate past -proven by the revival of the classics … Read more

Deepfake: This is the trick tecnolgico with the who managed to revive Juan Gabriel

City of Mexico.- The past Sunday, may 10, the world estremeci, then appeared in social networks a man securing be Juan Gabrieladmitting that fingi his death. To all this, the lawyer of the singer, Guillermo Pouscontinue that whoever did this used the technology to pretend to be ‘The Divo of Jurez‘. According to belief, the … Read more

Revive on Twitter the alleged rivalry between Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande

Even returned to share a video, in which supposedly the main character does not like the idea that much of your coestrella “have more talent”. “Something that you don’t know Ariana Grande is literally sings always, and it is good, she has a beautiful voice, but it is amazing because he always sings, never,” says … Read more

Mariah Carey to revive a icnica song to pay tribute to the medical staff at Easter

In order to avoid the propagacin del coronavirus, a large part of the world, I decided to take the measure of social distancing, which forced it to suspend hundreds and hundreds of events performed during this first stage of the ao. Without a doubt, the religious holiday most important is Easter Sunday, but due to … Read more

NOW YES – Daniel Elbittar revive his song “I’m Alive” next to Chyno y Nacho (+VIDEO)

Daniel Elbittar premiered again the original version of your theme I Am Alive in a featured with Chyno y Nacho. The return of Chyno y Nacho as a duo has brought many joys not only to its busy public, but also to several artists who had the opportunity to collaborate with them at some point … Read more