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Hailee Steinfeld turns in a rider foil for the MTV VMA 2017

We adore Hailee Steinfeld. Not only for his baby face and his attitude buenrollera. Or for his songs girlpower. Is that above your style is amazing. As soon as you mark the looks more feminine and delicate of the red carpet as dare with a dress-armour-fully metallised. Yes, signed by …

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Vanessa Paradis and Winona Rider are still defending Johnny Depp

The singer French Vanessa Paradis and the american actress Winona Ryder came out to make public his support to Johnny Depp in the midst of the trial that keeps the actor against the british newspaper The Sun, where was published an article that described him as violent. Paradis and Winona …

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Instagram | Rider walk your pet by the city in a very peculiar way | YT | Viral | Pets | Animals | NNDA NNRT Off Side

Updated the 12/04/2020 at 00:08 All the days are shared thousands of videos of dogs on the networks. Many of them become viral because they show these animals, that have accompanied humanity for thousands of years, in unique situations. One of these clips was broadcast on Instagram by the page …

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