Lady Gaga will star in a film by Ridley Scott about the dynasty Gucci

Lady Gaga continues to talk despite all his achievements in the entertainment industry | AP “Gucci” of Ridley Scott currently seems to be in convercaciones with Lady Gaga to star in the role of the widow of Maurizio Gucci. Although the project had been in process for some time, the distributor MGM bought officially the … Read more

I wasn’t always Daisy Ridley! Jennifer Lawrence and other actresses who went to interpret to the King

The acting career of Daisy Ridley would not have been the same if he had not played the young Jedi in the recent trilogy created by Lucasfilm, however, this might be different because it is given to know that other actresses were going to play a King in ‘Star Wars’. In the early stages of … Read more

Some fans really want that Daisy Ridley interpret Spider-Woman Next

The fans would like to see Daisy Ridley get to Samuel L. Jackson and make the transition from Star Wars to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Only instead of using a patch in the eye, Ridley would wear red stockings and yellow as the relatively unknown, Spider-Woman. If Ridley really would do this is anyone’s guess, … Read more

Lady Gaga will star in the tape of Ridley Scott about the murder of Gucci, which already has a release date

The new CEO of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer has purchased the tape of Ridley Scott ‘Gucci‘, a drama about the murder fashion icon Maurizio Gucci. Lady Gaga continues to be associated with the project to give life to Patrizia Reggiani, ex-wife of Gucci that was doomed by planning his murder after discovering that he had an adventure. Scott … Read more

‘Gucci’: the project of Ridley Scott, and Lady Gaga is on rails

Clearly there is life after the coronavirus and that fills us with hope. The film industry, after tremendous delays and an uncertain hiatus, she would again be reloaded with the return to the scene of Ridley Scott for the long-awaited project Gucci, for more than a decade that has between hands. And don’t come alone: … Read more