Katy Perry shows us with a style that the looks of the guest can dress up in silver (for very risky that may seem)

The 2020 will go down in history for being the year with less social events of the story, and that comes with music festivals, parties and… weddings. Although this type of event have been postponed to next yearhaving in mind the look of a guest perfect makes us more prepared for “around the arena”. Katy … Read more

It risky! This was the photo that came up Selena Gomez and conquered… it’s All the internet users!

Selena Gomez it is a figure that, with the passage of years has managed to get their own place due to your career multi-faceted that it was developing, due to his incredible talent. He dabbled in the artistic world, with only 10 years to get her first role as Gianna in the children’s series Barney … Read more

Jennifer Lopez dares and it makes the photos more risky. You won’t see anything like it!

March 28, 2020 (13:05 CET) There were the very few that, some years ago, when social networks began to appear and, above all, when Instagram became one of the most utilized, pointed out that singers like Jennifer Lopez is going to be left behind with respect to other young people. Being a social network dominated … Read more

Young acrobat cuban surprises with his risky number in Got Talent Portugal

A new cuban talent has become to make you feel in one of the programs of scout television’s most popular: Got Talent. On this occasion, the host country has been Portugal, who has opened the door to a young acrobat, a cuban named Milton Martinez. The artist of the circus surprised both the judges and … Read more