Great gesture! Rita Ora will be working voluntarily to slow the advance of the coronavirus

The prime minister of England, Boris Johnson, is one of the thousands of people infected, that is why it took very severe measures to cope with the virus. It is for this reason that Rita Ora and many other people, are offered each day as volunteers to help in the medical service of the country. … Read more

Rita Ora gets into the water with a microbikini red that highlights your curves

Rita Ora Photo: Valery Hache / AFP via Getty Images The singer’s English Rita Ora returns with all the music; however, before the pandemic of the coronavirus, has decided to send a clear message to his followers in Instagram to save distance, with a series of sexy photos that show you wearing a microbikini red. … Read more

Rita Ora will work as a volunteer in the british health care system

SHOWBIZ • 6 Apr 2020 – 07:39 AM Like many other citizens of the country, the singer Rita Ora has decided to join the new volunteer program has been established within the service of british health, the NHS, its acronym in English, to contribute in person to the vital work of health exercise doctors, nurses … Read more

The film role of Rita Wilson that you would eliminate from your resume while Hot Ones invades the show Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson and Rita Wilson not even needed to go to the set “Hot Ones” to come face to face with Sean Evans and a plate of chicken wings hot that he began to complain before we even challenge them to take a single bite in an episode filmed prior to the current coronavius the … Read more

Rita Ora decides to fight on the front lines of battle against the coronavirus

The singer will work as a volunteer in the british health care system. The singer, 29 years of age, Rita Ora gives the turn to the pandemic and, hands to the work, designed a line of barbijos. The uk is one of the most affected countries by the pandemic of the coronavirus. The worrying and … Read more

Rita Ora ‘love much’

2020-04-05 07:30:05 The creative success of ‘How to be alone’, Rita Ora has admitted when he falls in love with someone in which it is located. Rita Ora “love a lot” of love. The creator of hits ‘Hot Right Now’ has gone out previously with people like Rob Kardashian, Ricky Hil, Calvin Harris and Rafferty … Read more