The film role of Rita Wilson that you would eliminate from your resume while Hot Ones invades the show Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson and Rita Wilson not even needed to go to the set “Hot Ones” to come face to face with Sean Evans and a plate of chicken wings hot that he began to complain before we even challenge them to take a single bite in an episode filmed prior to the current coronavius the … Read more

Black Widow | The role of Ray Winstone in the Marvel movies

Out new details about the nature of the previously unknown character of Ray Winstone came online. In an interview for Empire Magazine Scarlett Johnassonit was announced that Winstone interpret that a character named Dreykovthe chief of The Red Room, where Natasha Romanoff he received his education. Black Widow | The role of Ray Winstone This … Read more

Jennifer Aniston provides a role, actress, Shiloh Pitt-Jolie

From a part Jennifer Anistonon the other hand, Angelina Jolie. In the middle… Brad Pitt? Not at all. This time divas of the cinema, not the ex-husband but Shiloh, the oldest daughter, of course, Angelina and Brad Pitt. It is really so: the teenager is the talk of America, to his look masculine and gives … Read more

Guardians of the galaxy 3: Jennifer Lawrence in the film, a role in LGBT?

Jennifer Lawrence could be back LGBT in a cinecomic, in a role of The guardians of the galaxy , the actress could interpret, Moondragon, daughter of Drax. MESSAGE of FRANCESCO BELLU — 18/03/2020 According to Mystique in the X-Men, Jennifer Lawrence could a in a cinecomic, in role of LGBT ne The guardians of the … Read more

The Man: Taylor Swift reveals behind-the-scenes on his role as director

The Man: Taylor Swift reveals behind-the-scenes on his role as director Taylor Swift he surprised his fans with a new behind-the-scenes of her latest single, The Man, where she presented her role as director, a role that he played for the first time in his career. The Instagram of Taylor Swift “Here’s some more images … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence: how has lose is to what role he has to win an Oscar

David O. Russell, the host of the Tribeca Film Festival with Jennifer Lawrence revealed that the actress almost, with which you won the Oscar. MESSAGE of MARICA LANCELLOTTI — 29/04/2019 Jennifer Lawrence has won Oscar with only 23 years of age with the film, on The positive side – Silver Linings Playbook. But, according to … Read more

Nokia’s mobile phones in order to capture a legendary role

It is difficult for Sony. After the Smartphone business is going so well, we can add one more loss. Famous as a Partner it does not change, of all things, a Nokia mobile phone – completely in the round, what’s going on, but it’s also.

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PlayStation, a Veteran takes the lead role of the God of war, and the decision of the

Then yesterday it became known that the Shannon Studstill, the current head of Sony Santa Monica hired at the new Google, Stadiums, Studio, in Playa Vista, is the one who is going to lead you to the God of war) policy in the future. Yumi Yang, took over the management. Yumi Yang, is busy collecting … Read more