Low temperatures: How should we care for the legs? | Rosario3.com

At the request of Rosario3.com the doctor Cristian Kuchen, a specialist in phlebology, presents the following recommendations: “in times of winter the legs are the protagonists forgotten: itching, dryness of the skin and edema, are disorders that tend to appear; for that it is essential to keep them hydrated, using products that contain active soothing … Read more

Covid-19: With 3 meters of distance is reduced to 50%, the risk of contagion | Rosario3.com

As is known, up until now, to keep at least a distance of one metre with other people and use face shields and eye might be the best way to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus, however as published in a research in the scientific journal the Lancet, the chances of contagion could be reduced … Read more

Rosario Central comes an important virtual meeting to discuss salaries | Rosario3.com

The situation of Rosario Central, like that of all the clubs of Argentina, it is difficult in the economic aspect. And this Wednesday, leaders and players of the professional staff rogue will meet by video conference to renegotiate the payment of the salaries of the quarter April-may-June. “First let’s talk about the form of pay … Read more

Course creditable graduate “Screenplay Transmedia” | Rosario3.com

Is open the course registration creditable to the Master’s degree in Digital Communication, Interactive, National University of Rosario “Script Transmedia”, which is delivered through the Virtual Campus of the UNR. The course, whose charge time is 30 hours (3 credits), is dictated by the Mg. Anahí Lovato. Coursework is online from 31 August to 25 … Read more

New Diplomas In Digital Transformation | Rosario3.com

Of the hand of the leading specialists in Digital Transformation, Marketing and Information Technology, the UCA returned to innovate by launching a Diploma in Digital Transformation. The same is intended for professionals linked to the Economic Sciences, entrepreneurs, Smes, students who are advanced and interested in a start in the study of the tools for … Read more

In the midst of the pandemic of covid-19, reappeared ebola in Africa | Rosario3.com

Were registered new cases of hemorrhagic fever by the ebola virus in the city of Mbandaka, Republic of Congo, a country not so affected by the coronavirus. There are already 4 deathsin addition to the advancement of the coronavirus in that continent. “There are four dead people there. The National Institute of Biomedical Research (INRB) … Read more

Fell in Uruguay, the protester who shot the mortar home in front of Congress | Rosario3.com

Fell in Uruguay, the protester who shot the mortar home in front of Congress | Rosario3.com | News Rosary, all the information instantly, with sport and entertainment Sebastian Romero, the militant left that was pre-candidate for national deputy for Santa Fe, was arrested in a field located in the area of Chuy, in the neighbouring … Read more

Was shot and killed motochorro that hit a woman to steal | Rosario3.com

A motochorro 19 years of age was shot when he went to rob a bakery. The crime occurred in The Caps, Tucumán. We investigate whether the shooting was carried out by a person who sought to thwart the assault. The deceased was identified as Walter Esteban Gómez. As reported Telam, drifting on a motorcycle next … Read more

81% of the rosario paid the rent of the dwelling and went up the nonperforming loans in retail | Rosario3.com

The level of compliance in the payment of rent to the 15th of April was 81% in Rosario. That is to say that the level of delinquency in the item family housing stood at 19%in the context of the economic crisis for the health emergency. This emerges from a report by the Association of real … Read more