J. K. Rowling announces new book for ‘children confined’ – Music and Books – Culture

The author, british J. K. Rowling, author of the successful saga of Harry Potter, announced Tuesday that it will publish free of charge on-line and deliveries, a novel written ten years ago to entertain the “children confined”. Since Tuesday and until the 10th of June, will be aired each day on a website devoted to … Read more

When JK Rowling has criticised the cartoon racist and sexist of Serena Williams

JK Rowling is one of the most important names of the literary world with her groundbreaking work, Harry Potter. The writer of scotland is considered a pioneer for women all over the world with great success. Most importantly, she is not the one that stays down and listen to when a man belittles a woman … Read more

‘Harry Potter At Home’, the project of J. K. Rowling to entertain us for the coronavirus

J. K. Rowling has a new spell to you that you will not get bored in quarantine, but as here the majority are mere muggles, we put things easy with another website. The author of the boy who survived has just released http://harrypotterathome.com”>harrypotterathome.com a portal to entertain and encourage students, faculty, and fans during the … Read more

J. K. Rowling gives ‘Harry Potter’ as a solution to the teachers for the quarantine of the coronavirus

J. K. Rowling, and their agents The Blair Partnership have offered to license open to teachers so that they can read the Harry Potter books students may not go to class due to quarantine by the COVID-19. Teachers will be able to post videos, reading aloud the seven books that comprise the saga of the … Read more