Viral Instagram | The before and after, Jimena Sanchez, the popular “Kim Kardashian mexican | Kim Kardashian | Mexico City | rdcnmg Viral

Updated the 02/06/2020 at 18:46 A few months age 36, the sports reporter for mexican Jimena Sanchez has been involved in a particular debate around its figure. The native of Mexico City, but living her childhood in Veracruz, has always been challenged by their physical in social networks. Model Livia Brito again became viral in … Read more

Joselyn Cano and Jimena Sanchez Who is the best “Kim Kardashian mexican”?

Photo: Presley Ann / Getty Images Joselyn Cano and Jimena Sanchez are a couple of beautiful women that have put up to Instagram head-on with his incredible physique. Both of these have been dubbed the “Kim Kardashian mexican” due to its resemblance with the famous socialite. And if you ever thought of Who actually looks … Read more

With anecdotes, feelings, and Lady Gaga, Enrique Sanchez celebrates marriage equality ”

Enrique Sánchez, deputy of the Partido Acción Ciudadana. Drafting. Recalling the “Kike” for 10 years that he thought of the policy, nor in the egalitarian marriage, I did not understand very well what they were about human rights, that he did not know what to answer when he said that if you already had … Read more

Jimena Sanchez finished with Yuliett Towers in a duel of red-hot recordings

The model Yuliett Towers captivated his followers with a recording in the part that shows your silhouette in carved garments. Like the province, the conductive Jimena Sanchez decided to pose before the camera in tight leggings made to look its prominent curves. Yuliett Towers is in voluntary isolation for the pandemic coronavirusso that takes their … Read more

Yuliett Torres sinks to Yanet Garcia, and Jimena Sanchez with his size in leggings

December 26, 2019 (21:39 CET) To Yanet Garcia and Jimena Sanchez les has appeared in a competition of first level with his compatriot Yuliett Towers, a model who wants to make the competition even Kim Kardashiansomething that we thought was only at the height of Jimena. And is the presenter of Fox Sports seems to … Read more

Jimena Sanchez vs Yuliett Torres: Who is the real Kim Kardashian mexican?

Jimena Sánchez is not the only one that tries to stay with the title of ‘Kim Kardashian mexicana’, Yuliett Towers also makes war for it. By: Passion Football November 01, 2019 · 10:54 pm Jimena Sanchez it is not the only one that has everyone crazed by their similar style of the Kim Kardashian. Yuliett … Read more

Marc Clotet and Natalia Sánchez have collected more than 250,000 euros to find a cure for coronavirus

Marc Clotet and Natalia Sánchez have created an initiative to raise money for finding a cure to the coronavirus: “When he started all this, Natalia and I think that we should do something and we came to launch the campaign #YoMeCorono with the purpose of obtaining funds for the research against the coronavirus that are … Read more