Angelina Jolie, the prevention of cancer and scars: “I have more opportunities, be alive”

Angelina Jolie on the prevention against cancer: ‘I Feel that it increases my chances to be here’, explains the actress, spoke about the possibilities of medical and not only omissions regarding. MESSAGE of LAURA SILVESTRI — 24/10/2019 Angelina Jolie know what it means prevention against cancerand in an essay for Time magazine, the drastic measures … Read more

Angelina Jolie posing naked to 44 years, with their “scars, visible and invisible”

“My body has suffered greatly in the last 10 years, I have scars, visible and invisible. The invisible are difficult to combat“: Angelina Jolie’s Bazaar poses Nude for Harper’s. In an interview, accompanied by a photo shoot with the ceiling, only through a veil, the actress tells of the difficulties of the last years: from … Read more