Chris Hemsworth “struggle” with their children during home school

If you ever dream of Chris Hemsworth it was to be a teacher, during this time of coronaviruses probably be thanking that has not gone down that road. This after he confessed that he is failing at trying to educate their children from home. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the actor admitted that he … Read more

Just like Britney Spears! Emilia Daiber was surprised with a photograph of your own school days

What a beautiful home! Claudio Palma surprised when you show your object the more precious The commentator of football, Claudio Palma, was part of the third chapter of Home Studio and shared them with Jean Philippe Cretton, Millaray Viera, Cristián Riquelme and Emilia Daiber some of their possessions most dear to you.

“High School Musical”: the Meeting of the cast will be broadcast this Thursday, 16 to the rhythm of “We’re All In This Together”

The recodado cast of the popular musical Disney. ‘High School Musical’ met on April 16 to interpret ‘We are all in this together’ by way of an encouragement of solidarity during this quarantine that has taken place in various countries after the pandemic coronavirus. The fact was organized by the chain of ABC. The reunion … Read more

Why is Zac Efron not sing at the meeting of the ‘High School Musical’?

The meeting of the actors of ‘High School Musical’ singing ‘All In This Together’ in the ‘singalong’ home of Disney generated a lot of ‘hype’, until we knew that Zac Efron it would not participate. The actor only presented to their peers, and now we know why. It has already been 14 years since it … Read more

[Video] Vanessa Hudgens sings theme of ‘High School Music

The first film in the series was launched 14 years ago. By: Julieth Castaño Vanessa Hudgens triggered the nostalgia of thousands of fans of ‘High School Musical’ in the interpretation of a part of the song ‘Gotta go my own way’ to Tik Tok. However, in the absence of the company of your excompañero of … Read more

What jab at Zac Efron? The surprise of Vanessa Hudgens for fans of ‘High School Musical’

Though 14 years its premiere, ‘High School Musical’ it has been revived with strength this quarantine thanks to its players and the fans more nostalgic. After the recent meeting their actors singing ‘We’re all in this together’ in a special Disney during these difficult times, your protagonist Vanessa Hudgens he has published a new surprise. … Read more

Cast of ‘High School Musical’ will meet to give a concert online

This highly anticipated reunion will have to occur, of course, by resorting to the new technologies, not so much because of the busy schedules of the performers, but for ensuring safety measures during the current pandemic. The funds raised will go to various charities that are providing food to families going through a difficult time … Read more

Sergio Ramos, Cristiano and Pique, with Shakira take advantage of the coronavirus to go back to school -Sports Four

cuatro.comMadrid 19/04/202010:42h. Sergio Ramos, Cristiano Ronaldo, Shakira and Gerard PiqueSOCIAL NETWORKS/ @3gerardpique @cristiano @sergioramos Ramos, Cristiano and Shakira take advantage of the confinement to study What better way to take advantage of the confinement to study and expand your knowledge. This has been due to think Sergio Ramos, Shakira or Cristiano Ronaldo. Gerard Pique you … Read more

THE CONNECTICUT SCHOOL – News Last-minute Guatemala

The second season of this podcast comes to Spotify and Apple. Give play to Sorry to be old it is how to become an accomplice of a conversation between two friends. Precisely, the spontaneity, the freedom and the humor with which they treat topics such as relationships, infidelity and fetishes is what makes special to … Read more

Disappoints fans emergence of Zac Efron in High School Musical

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.– Zac Efron was the big missing in the virtual meeting of “High School Musical”. And is that, on the evening of Thursday took place the expected meeting of the cast, who would provide a concert on-line. Fans of the group got very excited, because they expected to see to all the members … Read more