Astronomers have, for the rain made of liquid metal, in a hot gas giant, according to the Exoplanet: it’s raining iron, scinexx

Hell, in the shower: an area of approximately 640 light-years away, exoplanet rain in the evening, the cast iron of the heaven, and as the notes suggest. The gas giant WASP-76b, and therefore, it is your day, you are so hot that even the metal will evaporate. Due to the strong wind, the iron, the … Read more

The tropical rain forests in the Amazon and in Africa, to take up less CO2 emissions than 30 years ago, the tropical rainforest, in the buffer, you will lose the effect of scinexx

An alarming new Trend: The “green lung” of our planet will begin to fade. In the large tropical forests of Africa and South America in order to take in a lot less carbon dioxide than 30 years ago. Well, you’ve already lost a third of its buffering effect on the climate system, such as the … Read more

Weathering by the solar wind creates a small hair iron crystals in the Asteroid perplexed by the “iron-lash” – scinexx

Surprising discovery: In the samples from the asteroid Itokawa, researchers have identified a previously unknown phenomenon – that of the powder granules are coated with a small amount of iron in the hair. This is the metal from the hair, and is apparently caused by the solar wind, leaving the space station, and the area … Read more