PC power supply: Seasonic eliminates the tangle of cables on the distribution Box

Seasonic introduced its first power supply unit that comes with a so-called Connecting-the-Box. It has all the plugs for the Connections on the motherboard and the video card. Users connect the cable from the Hub to the magnet behind the paper Tray for the motherboard, the power supply is in and of itself, only the … Read more

SSR-750FA Link: For the Seasonic cables that run through the spine

Seasonic has introduced the SRH-750FA, the main source of power in the house to Connect to the serial. Technically, it is the First in the GX-750 is 750 Watts, and a semi-passive cooling, cable management, however, is completely different: it Connects, like the Seasonic Cable in the Device manager (SCMD), which are sent to all … Read more