“I can not understand how to send doctors to other countries and do not secure their own country”

The popular marriage of artists Claudia Valdes and Alexis Valdés staged a live video in the social networks in which they talked about the record current situation that lives at the global level: the COVID – 19. The talented actors made an appeal to the social consciousness and to maintain a posture of “solidarity and … Read more

iPhone 11, Pro for a low price, Now, in a strong 20-Gb-LTE-Fee, safe and secure

On the iPhone, the 11-model series is the latest top-of-the-range Smartphone from Apple. Correspondingly high is also the price which you are connected. Who wouldn’t want to spend it on a hit of more than 1000 euros for a mobile phone with O2 for the iPhone, for 11, Pro, it currently has a exciting Tariff … Read more