Margot Robbie confesses his first job was selling sandwiches at Subway

Margot Robbie, admitted his first job was selling sandwiches | Instagram The famous actress nominated in the next Oscar awards in its edition 92, Margot Robbie, admitted that his first job was at Subway selling sandwiches, where he managed to be the employee of the year and he is not ashamed of this fact. This … Read more

TOO – Look at how Shakira is selling her tremendous Mansion in Miami (+PHOTOS, +PRICE)

Shakira decided to put on sale its great property of Miami after 17 years of having it among his belongings. The famous colombian singer Shakira reported that it has put on sale its spectacular mansion, located in Miami, Florida, United Statesafter 17 years of enjoying the same during their vacation periods. As expected, this news … Read more

Stopped for a actor of ‘Iron Man 2’ by selling cures false for the coronavirus

Keith Lawrence Middlebrook, actor with small roles in films such as ‘Iron Man 2’ and series like ‘Entourage’, has been accused of electronic fraud by, supposedly, apply to investments in a company that, according to Middlebrook, would use to market pills that prevent spread of COVID-19, in addition to an injection that would cure the … Read more