Birds of prey: Romance between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy for the sequel

Birds of prey: Romance between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy for the sequel | INSTAGRAM The director of Birds of Prey, Cathy Yan, and has shown true interest in exploring a relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy for the sequel, so they had to express it openly. ¡Follow us in our Facebook and get … Read more

‘Trolls 2: world Tour’: what is, what happened to its release, trailers and more about the sequel – movie News

Lots of music, bright colours and fun wholesale waiting for us with the small Trolls. In 2016, DreamWorks Animation scored a success with the children’s film Trolls. Hardly could we forget by two factors: first by the value noventero, since the characters and their universe are based on popular dolls of the decade; second, because … Read more

‘Tiger King’, the phenomenon of Netflix, you might have an episode of meeting and a sequel

In addition to films and series, Netflix has gained a few successes in the sector of the docuseries, especially of the ‘true crimes’. From ‘Making a Murderer’ or ‘the cats or touch them’, the Spanish ‘The case Alcàsser’, the streaming platform is getting entanglement with real stories of horrible people. His last phenomenon in this … Read more

The director of ‘Never turn off the light’ has filmed a terrifying sequel to at home in full quarantine

It was only a matter of time that, in the midst of the international quarantine to the us has launched a coronavirus, proliferara the creativity of directors and screenwriters who are confined in their houses. In Spain, the next week TVE will premiere a sitcom written by the screenwriters of ‘Shame’ and ‘Champions’ and recorded … Read more

‘Fast & Furious’: Dwayne Johnson confirms that the sequel of ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ is underway

After a spin-off, eight films and two other tapes to come, you might think that there are no more stories to tell within the universe of ‘Fast & Furious’. However, after the first spin-off of the franchise, ‘Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw’, it will add 759 million dollars, with a budget of approximately 200 … Read more

‘Call Me By Your Name’: Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer are back in the sequel, according to Luca Guadagnino

The filmmaker Luca Guadagnino has made a name for himself in Hollywood thanks to their explorations, touching on the screen of the LGBT identity. The director rose to fame in the united States in 2009 with the feature film ‘I am love’ and since then has maintained its connections with the american industry, something that … Read more

The producer of ‘The Pit’ negotiates a sequel or a remake with Netflix

‘The Hole’ has become the ultimate success of international Netflix, becoming the movie most watched in united States, Spain and dozens of other countries. The tape Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia was released in theaters spaniards on the 8th November and raised nearly 220,000 euros. Now available in more than 190 countries streaming. ‘The Platform’ is, as it … Read more

‘The VelociPastor 2’: The cure that turns into a dinosaur and fight against crime will have sequel

The B-cinema has brought us to the world such wonders as ‘Sharknado’, ‘Machete’ or ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. On this occasion, it has been officially announced ‘The Velocipastor 2’, the sequel to the film by student filmmaker Brendan Steere in 2018 managed to get viral with a fake trailer for the movie. The director … Read more