Scarlett Johansson puts in her place to the interviewers after being approached with questions sexist

Despite his obvious talent, to be nominated for an Oscar twice and have decades of experience in the industry, the actress Scarlett Johansson has been the object of an endless number of questions to be gender-neutral. During the press tours with their male counterparts of “The Avengers”, has had to endure a treatment different from … Read more

When JK Rowling has criticised the cartoon racist and sexist of Serena Williams

JK Rowling is one of the most important names of the literary world with her groundbreaking work, Harry Potter. The writer of scotland is considered a pioneer for women all over the world with great success. Most importantly, she is not the one that stays down and listen to when a man belittles a woman … Read more

Criticize Miguel Bernardeau gesture sexist against their fellow Elite

Some people consider it to be very inconsiderate. Great scandal has been armed with the photos that came to light of one of the protagonists of Elite, because you’re putting together a great debate in social networks, considering that the actor Miguel Bernardeau made a gesture of macho and little considered with their companions in … Read more