A new claim of sexual abuse against Harvey Weinstein accuses Disney of turning a blind eye

Harvey Weinstein founded Miramax in the late 70’s and was the king of the american independent film until 2017, when they began to encounter tens of allegations of abuse, sexual harassment and rape, still some of his alleged victims, actresses the likes of Cate Blanchett, Cara Delevingne, Rose McGowan or Kate Beckinsale. During these almost … Read more

Margot Robbie “I didn’t know what was the sexual harassment” until she read the script of ‘The scandal’

Margot Robbie stars The scandal (Bombshell) next to Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman. (Image: Hilary B. Gayle / eOne Films) More But despite the remarkable exposure in the media that have received this kind of issues since the rise of the movement #MeToo in 2017, Robbie assures that he did not know what it truly … Read more

“Ídola” Users of twitter will remember when Lindsay Lohan confessed that she had 150 sexual partners | THE IMPARTIAL

UNITED STATES.- In the year of 2014 began circulating a list with 150 names of men who had been sexual partners of Lindsay Lohan. He told a person close to the actress, she kept that list to impress their friends, because in it were at least 30 famous. Among the most renowned was the lead … Read more

The conversation sexual with his mother who is uncomfortable with Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner continues to draw attention wherever it goes. The model, which has more than 127 million followers only in Instagram, has been the protagonist in the last hours by a conversation pretty heated and rise of tone with your mother, Kris Jenner. She was accompanied in this case of his sisters, Kim Kardashian and … Read more

Dayanita is annoying in the Wasap JB when they remind you of course video sexual | Instagram | Video | Shows

During the last few days, it spread a video intimate in social networks, where it is said that Dayanita was one of its protagonists. Though the actress denied it in Instagramduring the last broadcast of The Wasap JB reminded him of the fact, which was answered decisively by the comic. Dayanita suffered practical jokes in … Read more

Tainy vs. Luny: Anuel AA and Bad Bunny furious with R. Kelly in the live of the producers: “Is a rapist” | Instagram | sexual Abuse | USA | Reggaeton Shows

The world of reggaeton had this last Friday, April 17, with the ‘live’ from Tainy vs. Luny Tunes on Instagrambut there was a moment that was not to the liking of the public. When the legendary producer Luny Tunes released a song R. Kellythe criticisms rained down, and the stronger were Anuel AA and Bad … Read more

Natalia Lacunza: “I am pleased that my experience will inspire my followers to confess to their parents their sexual status” | Beauty, The last thing

Download here the PDF full new number of S Fashion. Natalia Lacunza (Pamplona, 1999) have understood it in record time in the music industry, image matters –how almost?– as much as the voice. Confirmed from that crossed for the first time the catwalk of Operation Triumph 2018, talent show was a finalist, when he called … Read more

Will Smith is accused of sexual abuse by an actor in Disney

The actor Orlando Brown, who released several years ago by playing the role of Eddie in the series of Disney Channel That’s So Raven, and whose career as a rapper was on the rise at some point, recently published a disturbing video where throws terrible accusations against Will Smith and Michael Jackson. According to the … Read more