Dies of coronavirus. Rocío Carrasco is very much affected by the loss. Telecinco in shock

04 April 2020 (10:15 CET) Rocío Carrasco is confined at home. In fact, since Antonio David participated in the GH VIP 7 and Rocío Flores was an advocate, now a contestant of Survivor, the daughter of Rocío Jurado just came out of the house to avoid the press. The woman of Fidel Albiac is well. … Read more

Jacky Bracamontes gets the shock of his life after suffering a terrible accident with his family

Jacky Bracamontes gets the shock of his life after suffering a terrible incident with her family Jacky Bracamontes gave you the fright of your life after suffering a terrible accident together with her husband Martin Sources and their two small daughters Emilia and Paulawhen a large branch fell on them. Remember that Jacky Bracamontes a … Read more

Entered by coronavirus. Jorge Javier Vázquez in shock. Alarm Save me

April 02, 2020 (11:30 CET) According to experts, the curve begins to stabilize, however the figures are frightening and much. This week, when I had started to notice a growing retail is soaring to peaks of the first few days. 102.000 infections and nearly 10,000 deadwith Icus in many cities totally saturated. The country, like … Read more

“Has died”. Tom Hanks and the entertainment world in shock. Last time

April 02, 2020 (14:43 CET) The coronvirus is affecting the whole planet. This disease makes no distinction between rich and poor, or anonymous and famous. Although for the latter, the citizens are aware of the magnitude of this problem. In our country, Lucia Bosé, or Carlos Falcó, father of Tamara Falcó, have lost their lives. … Read more

“I’m going to do a madness”. Kiko Hernández and Telecinco in shock

April 01, 2020 (11:30 CET) Kiko Hernández has given signs of life, Save me. The partner is connected for the first time after three weeks of absence with the program through a video call. The tertullian has been missing due to the care of their two small daughters, but is aware of everything that happens … Read more

Impotence. “Tragic end” (and it is by a coronavirus). David Broncano, Jordi Évole in shock

March 30, 2020 (14:22 CET) Jordi Évole record your new program As of Évole from home. The presenter connects with some faces to interviewing them and to know how are living in this confinement. This last Sunday the Catalan connected with David Broncano, who showed a facet that is completely unknown to the young man. … Read more

Stopped. “You have been assaulted”. Laura Scans in shock. Just pass this on

March 30, 2020 (14:39 CET) Personalities such as Laura Scans, Dulceida, Paula Gonu or Marta Lópezamong many other famous influencers, have applauded the gesture of your friend Jessica Goicoechea, who has reported to their partner after an alleged assault. The Mossos d’esquadra arrested last Friday, march 27, to model and partner of the influencer, River … Read more

Bomb at home of María Teresa Campos. “It’s gone”. Toñi Moreno, Mila Ximénez and Saturday Deluxe, in shock

March 28, 2020 (14:15 CET) The life of María Teresa Campos gave it a spin a few years ago. And is that the veteran journalist went from being one of the ‘queen of the morning’ of the small screen in our country to be one of the main protagonists of the press of the heart. … Read more