Beyonc said adis and their fans are shocked, but gave no explanations!

The fanticos ms loyal “Honey B” don’t understand absolutely nothing, and the confusion that it generates only has as a result a question: where is now? Beyonc tom a mysterious decision in front of the noses of the eye public, in the midst of the escalation of the press is focused on reporting about the … Read more

Shakira and Tom Hanks shocked their young fans in full quarantine

Your browser does not support iframes. In times of contingency, many famous you have been given the task of searching for new activities and some actions to ease the wait of the quarantine by the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19), and of course to find a way to give happiness to their fans, such is the case … Read more

AS A FAN – Chris Hemsworth are shocked to meet Brad Pitt for the first time and outlined the meeting

Chris Hemsworth he acted like a fanatic when he met Brad Pitt, even moved on the meeting. Australian actor of 36 years, Chris Hemwsorth, he told how it was the day that met to one of their favorite artists, the actor and producer of american cinema Brad Pitt 56-year-old. It also recalled that it was … Read more

It’s the best news! Aaron Carter shocked the nets with a confession unexpected to his followers

As is customary during this quarantine, the fans have been able to have a greater access to the privacy of celebrities, but until now very few were the news of the magnitude of this. Is that Aaron Carter announced through the social networks, which in its 32 years, will be transformed for the first time … Read more

WOW! Look at the photo of Kourtney Kardashian with her daughter that shocked the world. GORGEOUS!

The beautiful Kourtney Kardashian he has always shown a deep love for their children, who are the product of his former relationship with Scott Disick After separated, the young entrepreneur it became one of the single most sought-after of the show. Related News However, for celebrity rather than continue with a life of crazy, now … Read more

What a novelty! Kylie Jenner did something that changed the face it Shocked everyone!

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Shakira and Pepe Aguilar, the picture of 20 years ago that shocked fans

The singer has not only been transformed physically, but his music is also very different (Photo Facebook: Shakira) Morelia, Michoacán ( Shakira it is an icon of music, who along his career has had different transformations. Proof of this is the photography that recently circulated in social networks, which is 20 years, in which the … Read more

The amazing resemblance between Angelina Jolie and her brother, who shocked Hollywood in the past to kiss him in the mouth

Little is known of the relationship that leads Angelina Jolie, 44, with his renowned father, Jon Voight, the actor who separated from the mother of the famous artist, abandoning the home and turned a blind eye to their children. James Haven, aged 46, is the older brother of the performer of Maleficent, who after the … Read more

It is brutal! The photo of Alexa Dellanos that shocked all of Puerto Rico

The first thing you think to do Alexa Dellanos when you finish the quarantine is go to the beach the photo sessions in bikini are one of your favorite. As you can’t move house, Alexa takes advantage of it to take the sun with a dress with which has shocked all of Puerto Rico. … Read more