Kendall Jenner gets tremendous prick him in the bowling alley with a dress yellow tube and short

The young model made a launch of quality… Kendall Jenner seems to have very good sense at the bowling alley, so check it out a video that circulates on Instagram where he is seen put tremendous prick him, or strike. During the launch, the model will not be despeinó, or lost the pose. All this … Read more

The heroes of the Avengers, Dragon Ball, and Justice League fighting the Coronavirus in this brutal short

In these times so strange that all we need to stay at home to avoid a greater evil, the imagination plays a very important role to entertain us and entertain on the part of the artists that are on the internet. As the makers of the Youtube channel, Mightyraccoon!known for his impressive videos of computer … Read more

‘Jurassic World: Dominion’: Look at the new animated short that serves as a prelude – movie News

This is a Motion Comic that predicts the plot of the third installment. As they did with the short film entitled: Battle at Big Rock (which you can see in this link), have slowly been increasing the expectation heading to Jurassic World: Dominion with alternative materials that make more bearable the wait for the premiere … Read more

Quibi, a new platform for watching movies and short series in the cell

In times of quarantine world, the proposal of Quibi is very attractive, and comes to compete with the big market as Netflix and Amazon. It is a new streaming platform with series and movies up to 10 minutes in length designed for cellular phones, and are made by most tellers and interpreters of Hollywood directors. … Read more

The girlfriend of Luis Miguel looks like figure toned with short sports

Mollie Hannah Gouldthe wedding Luis Miguel, showed off her figure toned with a sporty lookthrough their stories Instagram. The model 20-year-old is in isolation at home, so take the opportunity to exercise and maintain your svelte silhouette. In Instagram she posed before the camera with a set of sports compound by a short sports sky-blue … Read more

Short series for mobile phones, another bet in the field of streaming

A new player just getting into the competitive field of the streaming platforms. It is Quibi, a platform that features series and movies up to 10 minutes in length designed for cellular phones, and are made by most tellers and interpreters of Hollywood directors. In times of quarantine at the global level, the proposal of … Read more

So you want to Quibi face-planting onto Netflix and Disney with its service of short videos

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Photo: it came into the hand! Selena Gomez wore the short, smallest in the world and I couldn’t breathe!

Selena Gomez lived moments uncomfortable thanks to its short tight April 12, 2020 · 10:37 pm The actress and singer Selena Gomez has been a trend all these days, thanks to your opinion on the migratory processes of Donald Trump, therefore it has been caught up in controversy that the point. So before you raised, … Read more

Short of ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Playdate With Destiny’ tomorrow to Disney Plus

When Disney and Pixar released ‘Onward’ in the theaters, definitely gave the audience a new story to love. However, although many walked out of the cinema talking about the film starring Tom Holland and Chris Pratt; another not stop talking about the short that was released prior to the tape. As is usual, Disney not … Read more

Designed for the mobile: how is Quibi, the platform for audiovisual content, short films |

Quibi is a platform which launches Monday in the united States and shall be specifically dedicated to submit content, short developed to be viewed on mobile devices The following is a tap with the most important of the new player of the field of streaming platforms that wants to bother to giants like Netflix, Amazon … Read more