Sirtfood, the diet with the that Adele managed to lose weight that includes wine and chocolate!

Three phases and fewer calories Created by nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Mattenthis dietary regimen it promotes the loss of up to 5 pounds a week. The first three days the calorie intake is reduced to 1,000, taking three green juices and only a meal “Sirt”. From day 4 to 7 swallowed two juices and … Read more

Exclusive! Why the diet Sirtfood of Adele is so “dangerous” that could damage your health –

A nutrition expert explains step by step how the british singer seriously harms your health with this regime is restrictive than a thousand calories a day. The before and the after, with 50 pounds of difference. We already know that Adele (32) lost 50 pounds thanks to the “diet Sirtfood”, a regime of up to … Read more

The eating plan Sirtfood would have helped the singer Adele in your weight loss

British experts claim that this diet can get to lose up to 3 kilos per week Since the singer is English Adele reappeared after his divorce, his obvious change of weight it became a topic of conversation on the web, because as she herself said it on their social networks “before crying and now sudo”, … Read more

What is the diet sirtfood? Analyze the diet with the that Adele she lost 45 pounds

The diet sirtfood it became famous thanks to the radical change of image starring Adele. The british singer surprised everyone with her new figure after lost 45 poundssomething that succeeded thanks to a hard routine of exercises and this diet. Its creators, nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Mattenensure that thanks to it you can lose … Read more

“Sirtfood diet: The diet of Adele that have followed the English, and that promises to lose up to 3 kilos per week – Duna 89.7

After the drastic change of image and the great weight loss of Adele, it pokes a weight-loss plan called “Sirtfood diet”, which is a radical change of eating habits following a diet based on sirtuins. What are the basics of the diet Sirtfood? The creators of the controversial diet is the doctors nutritionists british Aidan … Read more