Joaquin Reyes Kim Kardashian: “I washed my hair with caustic soda, I was platinum and in addition disinfects”

“I am the greatest influencer of the world and being confined is not a dish of good taste. In the hallway I did a photocall with the kids and with Kanye, I I did the red carpet,” she says. Is there any truth in the rumors that suggest that their marriage goes south? “I’ve been … Read more

Oh Natalia Barulich, with two reasons! Or the soda manages to cool to Maluma

Obviously it has many other talents, but if we stick, as it tends to do, to the purely physical Natalia Barulich is a ticking bomb with compelling reasons to conquer the heart not because of Maluma, as it has done and has completely fallen in love with (something expressed by the singer on several occasions) … Read more

Fans reveal on social networks in concert unpublished, of last tour of Soda Stereo

The band of rock argentina captivated an entire generation that today longs for the years durados of his youth, of the hand of the “Blind american” and other hits. May 09, 2020 · 19:43 pm Since it is not possible to see these cracks of the music together and live, you only have to fans … Read more