Request twisted to The Simpsons ends with the solidarity Lisa

Paul McCartney keeps his attention in the series The series of Matt Groening it has planted a milestone without from in the animation series. The Simpsons not only have they achieved an international success, but also that, accumulated over 30 years of broadcast. The series has left moments emblematic for posterity, and also great lessons … Read more

Lady Gaga, Maluma, and other stars will give a concert of solidarity

Great artists, such as lady Gaga -who is also the promoter of the event – have been added to this joint initiative. Stars like the british Elton John and Paul McCartney, the colombian Maluma or the pianist chinese Lang Lang will participate next week in the concert of solidarity “One World: Together in House” to … Read more

Lady Gaga will give a concert of solidarity against the coronavirus

The concert can be seen on television and in streaming. Lady Gaga has collaborated in the collection of 33 million euros to assist in the investigation. The famous non-stop to collaborate in the fight against the coronavirus. We have been able to see donations like those of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, who contributed 100,000 … Read more

I solidarity! Kim Kardashian makes a new contribution in the fight against the COVID-19

Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner they want to continue contributing in the midst of the crisis by the pandemic COVID-19. Celebrity recently announced the launch of a new fragrance joint and a significant donation of revenues collected from the sale that will be used to help those most in need. Through your account … Read more

Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora: their initiatives of solidarity during the quarantine

More and more celebrities you decide to create initiatives to help in the middle of the spread of the COVID-19. The most from your space and using your passions. Such is the case of Miley Cyrus and Rita Orawho the evening of this Thursday, have presented their solidarity projects from the fourth episode of ‘Bright … Read more

Coronavirus: solidarity and descriptive, the new songs deal with the pandemic

Rita Ora “I’m not going to write my album more mature,” says Leiva in the midst of his song “My little Chernobyl”, a topic that was just published a couple of hours. And at the end finishes off with a: “What will come after the years dead”. Very apocalyptic has been since, with this piece … Read more

8M: Actresses of Marvel work in solidarity for the International Women’s Day

8M: Actresses of Marvel work in solidarity for the International Women’s Day Black Widow is the new movie of the UCMbeing a part of the past that brings us back to the talented actress Scarlett Johansson and the debut of Florence Pugh within the world of Marvel, so I decided to send an emotional message … Read more