‘The Simpsons’ lead the list of the titles most sought after Disney Plus

Although we all know that for a long time ‘The Mandalorian’ was the baby loved Disney Plus, the time at home led to the subscribers to get new favorites on the platform. Although they have not had many new releases, you have to admit the service streaming Disney has a lot of material to have … Read more

The Crocs could become a new icon streetwear: Bad Bunny, Justin Bieber and Post Malone as the lead as if they were the running shoes most sought

Let’s be clear from the first moment, so as not to give rise to misunderstandings: the Crocs they are comfortable, but it is complicated to find someone that catalogue of beautiful. The axiom is not subject to debate: we don’t know anyone to whom you seem cool or, at least, acceptable (on an aesthetic level). … Read more

Distraught by his failure in Disney, Meghan sought the support of Angelina Jolie

Los angeles, California.- Meghan Markle you will find devastated before your failure in the documentary Elephant of Disney, in which prest his voice, so that it will be calling for support to the well-known Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie, who according to a friend of the exroyal has struck up a solid friendship. Supposedly the exduquesa … Read more

Hailey Baldwin reveals why Justin Bieber the sought after breaking up with Selena Gomez

Recently, in one of the last interviews that he gave the singer of ‘Yuumy’ in video format, to Zane Lowe for Apple Music, Justin Bieber revealed why he preferred to marry with Hailey Baldwin in place of Selena Gomez. Apparently, the interpreter is canadian, he realized that he wanted the american model was his wife … Read more