Anna Kendrick believes that you should only eat Taco Bell at a specific time of day

Celebrities are like us in some aspects. EvenA-Listers such as AnnaKendrick, who can afford to dine in fancy restaurants every night, you can findthemselves hitting a fast-food meal on occasion. And when they do, youOften you can catch them enjoying a bit of Taco Bell. Definitely not mexican food gourmet. But there is something very … Read more

Miley Cyrus stopped believing in God for a reason more specific

Miley Cyrus has been proposed to perform direct Instagram with her followers to entretenerles during the quarantine. The singer and actress, has already conducted a number of interviews with her sister Noah Cyrus, Ellen DeGeneres, with her ex-partner of Hannah Montana Emily Osment or with Hailey Baldwin, among others, becoming a section of very popular … Read more